Our motto:
“How to work better”

Our business scope includes the realization of public and private mandates for new buildings, transformations, renovations, furnishings, as well as urban design and landscaping.

Resonance in sustainability

Our approach consists of pursuing “custom-made” and artisanal research in order to create objects and spaces that respond to innovative sustainability concepts, coupled with preserving the biosphere, urban and natural landscapes. In addition to complying with all regulatory constraints, each creation should generate a positive resonance. Our aim is to create a harmonious and resilient living environment with a human dimension.

Between inspiration and archaism

In each of our projects our goal is to connect human beings with both their constructed and natural environment by applying the constancy of classical architectural themes as part of a need to return to original values. In order to meet current environmental requirements, passive energy concepts combining materials and vegetation are promoted, thus creating a dialogue between technique, archaism and inspiration.

An unprejudiced look at the site

A critical look at a city makes it possible to develop, evolve and transform urban space. Our approach gives us the opportunity to use each new mandate to reshape space and give it a distinctive identity, a “genius loci.” Strategies addressing the complexity of urban, social and regulatory issues are implemented. Our objectives take into consideration the spaces generated and integrate all user needs in space and time.

Shared skills

A participatory approach that includes all players makes it possible to clarify the expectations of the project owner. A network of skilled experts – i.e. engineers, landscapers, specialists, craftsmen, construction managers – makes it possible to integrate various regulations and to control costs. A clear concept can often solve this complex mix of interests, while a relationship of trust and transparency between the involved actors facilitates planning and implementation processes.

Materials create space

The choice and use of materials strongly influences the character of a space. Our passion is to make visible the transformation of the material into a constructive truth and poetic intensity. Realistic models and samples are used to test constructive and architectural solutions.


An architect’s mandate may consist of meeting specifications – be it programs, costs, deadlines – but is that enough when talking about architecture? Beyond all technical and economic considerations, we believe our responsibility is to create a relationship between science and humanity. The form contributes to this intention, but intuition, originality, the correctness of the idea, the coherence between conception as well as construction and materialization are no less decisive.

The form results from a process

We have demonstrated our ability to design buildings that exceed the expectations of our clients while ensuring sustainable well-being. Our proposals have shown to provide benefits not only in terms of rationalization and functionality, but also in the way of satisfaction and contemplation.